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Zhee Tang

I was doing CrossFit back in England before joining Pushmore , and I wanted to continue doing it while I am back here in KL. So I started searching for places that offer the same or similar service I had back home.

“I choose to join Pushmore due to the flexibility of training times and the range of services they provide.”

Before starting at Pushmore I didn’t have any preconceived notions about the place, I just assumed it would be similar to the box back in England and there wouldn’t be much difference between the two.  On day one that I started training in Pushmore I got a little overwhelmed by the turnout of the place, there were more than 10 people for the class and many more doing their own training. 


The place was really lively although I got a little intimated by the environment I was quickly made welcomed by the coaches and other members who were there at the time. While doing the Metcon, I was on the verge of giving up as I haven’t been training much but I was constantly getting encouragement by everyone and that motivated me to finish what I was doing. Even though I was last to finish, that didn’t matter as I felt great that I able to finish the workout when I wanted to give up half way and being able to do it with a bunch of amazing people made my first experience in Pushmore very pleasant.

What I really love about Pushmore is the community; even though it is Open Gym session the coaches would still give advice and help if they see that I am struggling with certain movement, and not just the coaches other members would do the same as well and cheer me on.

I also like the service that Pushmore provides; I started a programme with Coach Jonathan Wong because I wanted to improve on certain areas. Throughout the training whenever I have any questions about the workout, Jonathan is able to give me a professional explanation on all my questions and he would also take account about my well-being when planning my next workout to make sure that I won’t injure myself when I am training.


The aim of my programme was to get fitter and stronger because I plateau when I can’t go heavy or don’t have the endurance to complete the workout. After 5 months, I am a lot stronger and fitter (way more than I expected to be), and not only that I also find myself to be able to do movement that I never thought I could pull it off like pistols, toes to bar, pull ups and off the wall handstand etc.

The benefit of training in Pushmore is definitely the freedom to come in and train anytime I want and still able to get feedback and advice from the coaches and other experienced members. The range of classes and services that are available for everyone to choose from depending on what we aim to achieve.

“Getting to meet and know the people at Pushmore and training with them, really makes my experience there one of a kind and that makes me wanting to come back for more.”

Before Pushmore, I didn’t really enjoy doing Olympic lifts because I find the movement quite hard and my shoulders weren’t in the best shape so I tend to shy away from any workout that has Oly lifts incorporated. However, after joining the weekly weightlifting class I start to enjoy doing Oly lifting and I want to improve. I like how Coach Jonathan really pays attention to each and every individual and he would adjust each person movement based on their ability. Now I am able to lift heavier and feel still confident about it if compared to a few months back when I found it difficult to snatch a 20kg bar.


When I talk to my friends about CrossFit and encourage them to join, I tell them that Pushmore is the place to join. Reason being they have an awesome team of coaches who knows what they are doing, and they really prepare you fully during the foundation classes so that when you go into the main WODs you are ready for it.

I am really grateful for what I achieve here at Pushmore through the help of everyone, I am definitely walking out a different person and ready to face whatever is thrown at me.

“Train hard and train smart, but more importantly have fun while doing it!”

Zhee Tang

Zhee Tang