“The Dynamic Duo”

Editor’s Note: The Dynamic Duo trains together with Coach Jonathan on quiet mornings where they “intimidate” the younger athletes with their energy, mobility and strength. Proven: age is merely a number. Do say hello to them when you see these lovely ladies. :)



Dolly Chye

Dolly Chye’s Testimonial:

“I joined Pushmore shortly after my 67th birthday about 5 months ago, on the recommendation of my son-in-law who believes that I am going to have a long life and therefore I should have strong core muscle strength to keep mobile, be independent longer, and be less injury prone. I am diabetic, moderately active but was getting clumsy, looked pudgy, and weighed 58 kg.

Jonathan Wong is my personal trainer. He put my friend (Kitty) and I through a “magical suffering” regime (for senior citizens, I think) once a week and we go home with homework which I mostly skive on, but do enough so that I can preserve some gains and keep up. I learnt to squat, skip, lift weights, push, pull, stretch, run, jump…and so on and so forth…activities that genteel old ladies don’t do.

I am now 52 kg. Loose and droopy skin cover some real muscles that I am happy about. I can now briskly walk up the Bukit Kiara hill that I used to pant and struggle over, or avoid all together.

As Pushmore’s blurb claims, I am fitter, faster and stronger. I am thinking of joining some fun runs (5 km or less) to collect some fancy T-shirts and contribute to some social  fundraising. I believe these runs can actually be “fun” now.  Of course, sometimes I would much rather sit down, eat snack and read a book all day….but then I wouldn’t have been given a T-shirt that says “Juggernaut” and wear it with (some) integrity.”



Kitty Ng

Kitty Ng’s Testimonial

“I am 66-years old with some typical mid-life injuries, and have found it invaluable to have a mature trainer who understands the adult body that has experienced some aches and pain. This is the first time I am working under a trainer and I am blessed that Jonathan has a far more measured approach, one which is focused on long-term change. He has helped me to achieve appropriate fitness goals, fight the mid-life bulge, improved my core strength, flexibility and breathing, strengthened my weak knees and to recover from any strained muscles in no time.

Jonathan is positive and enthusiastic, knowledgeable and extremely dedicated, organized and conscientious. The gym is well ventilated with an open-air concept, well maintained with a friendly atmosphere. I believe that every can make a change in their lives!”