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Rupert Tan

Rupert Tan

My family has a history of cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, you name it, its on the list. Starting from behind zero was never easy. For years I had been a member of a global gym. Waking up at 5am and running 5km and doing regular routines didn’t show much results.

One day over lunch, I heard about this gym called PushMore. Apparently they have workouts that make you puke. “Sign me up!” I said. I drove there the next day and met Jonathan. I started CrossFit and never saw such great immediate results before. That was 2009 just before I moved to China. I did CrossFit for a year by myself because there was no CrossFit gym in Shanghai at the time.

Later I had a baby boy and my life became busy and I lost touch with my body.

Two years ago, I was 92kg, living with headaches, high blood pressure and bad genetics. I was about to have my second baby boy. My exercise routine had fallen apart. Little did I know was that I had a silent killer, early kidney failure. My cardiologist ran all the test and discovered I had 27% permananent kidney damage.

All the years of ignoring and living with high blood pressure had taken its toll. I was told that I would be on a dialysis machine in two years and soon after, trying to get on a kidney donors list. Quality of life would be over. And, I have two young boys.

I needed to lose weight quickly and I had to drop my blood pressure fast. I knew exactly what I had to do. I called PushMore and told them I was coming back. I was doing WODs five times a week, sometimes more. There were days that I wanted to give up but the coaches never let me quit. I used to look at the board and wonder how on earth am I going to do this? The thing about CrossFit is the community. You never do it alone. I have never met such a fine group of people with such great character. The CrossFit community that surrounds PushMore is incredible and I could not have achieved this without them.

We live in a world of sugar and chemicals. It is so hard to eat well especially in Malaysia. We are surrounded by so much “good food”. Once you pass 40, things break and its very hard to fix. I just turned 40. I always told myself that I would be fit before 40 but its so much more than that. Since I lost the 15kg and got my body back, I am constantly being mistaken for being a 20 something year old.

Today I am a 40-year-old Dad with two amazing boys and a beautiful wife. I will live to see them grow up. This year, I will compete in the CrossFit open as a Master and I will attempt to beat my previous scores. If you are thinking about making a difference in your life, this is an excellent place to start.

Thank you PushMore!