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Mohd Helmi Osman

I played a number of sports when growing up from table tennis, volleyball, basketball to roller hockey. I started sports climbing in 2008 where I spent almost 3 years climbing (and falling) anything from indoor boulders to outdoor lead walls. I took a break from climbing to welcome my daughter in 2011 and to fill up the time, I started to run. It didn’t take long for it to become another addiction. I went from struggling to complete a kilometre to a regular 25km weekend ‘LSD’er in a short span of 2 years. Climbing gave me the strength and running provided me with the endurance, the ability to pace and to lessen to manage my pain.

I wanted something a training program that has everything combined or close to it.

I heard about CrossFit and Pushmore and honestly my first thought was “this cannot be that hard”.
I tend to get a bit geeky-technical about anything and so after doing some research in the movements in CrossFit, I got really excited and obviously wanted to try it out. I heard from somewhere that Pushmore has a reputation of being a ‘tough’ gym; flipping tractor tyres under the hot sun, heavy sled push across the parking lot when it’s raining, burpees until you puke and so on. Through my limited knowledge of CrossFit at that time, I told myself that this should be a lot of fun and again, “pfftt, this cannot be that hard”.

My First Workout
My first workout during my foundation with Coach Lyn was a ‘half-Tabata’ AMRAP of bottom-to-bottom squats; 20-seconds air squats and a 10-second hold at the bottom position for 4 rounds. It DESTROYED me. I could not comprehend how a simple squat workout can completely obliterate my quads that have cycled through many long climbs and runs.

I didn’t have a set expectation coming in to Pushmore, simply because I’ve never even been into a regular ‘globo-gym’ before. I was quite surprised to learn that all scheduled ‘classes’ will be led by a coach, the workouts are programmed by the day (hence the term WOD – Workout Of the Day), they run every hour and you can come back as many times as you want to.

What do I enjoy here at PushMore?
The coaches and the Pushmore community. The coaches are friendly and are more than willing to help you with your goals. There will be times when you doubt yourself on whether you can do a workout (150 wall-balls, 72 thrusters, single legged squats, seriously?!) but with the proper technique, guidance and push by the coaches, you’d be surprised what your body can do. There will be times when you think that your coach is trying to “kill” you with the workout.

The other main reason why I kept coming back for more fun and “pain” is the community. You can be the fittest in person around or somebody who has just completed your foundation yesterday, but as soon as you step into the gyms, all of that doesn’t seems to matter anymore. The ‘morning crew’ or team #Bananaramas! is a testament to this. These guys and girls give me a reason to wake up extra early every other day to work out together.
I think the coaches in Pushmore are very knowledgeable, dedicated to and actually spent time knowing you in order to help you to archive your goals. Coaching in CrossFit is definitely a must in the first few months, up to a year if you would like to improve and stay injury free. I’m not implying that you will get injured when doing CrossFit but not educating yourself on how you can get injured will. This is why proper coaching is very important.

The 3 Most Important Things I Learnt
After 20 months in Pushmore (and CrossFit in general) things has not gotten any easier but has definitely gotten less harder. My initial goal from just to “try out” have grown into goals to get fitter, stronger and more rounded. I learned that there will always be room for improvements no matter how good you are.

• I’m more aware of how my body works and how natural movement should work.
• I’m more aware of nutrition timing/choices and the recovery process.
• I’m not training by myself and I have made great friends along the way

Advice for Newbies?
It’s easy to get intimidated the moment you step into Pushmore especially when you see people putting massive weights over their head and see people string together 20 pull-ups before your eyes. What you need to know is that CrossFit is scalable where all workouts can be scaled to meet your strength and conditioning level but be challenging all at the same time. As you get better, you will slowly move up to perform the workouts at the prescribed levels. And if that is not enough, you can always go heavier, faster and harder.

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