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Matt Chong

“Fitter Faster Stronger” is definitely a result of implementing PushMore’s regiment over the past couple of years. Training with some of Malaysia’s fittest and learning from the best at the country’s pioneer CrossFit box has been a real life changer. PushMore has given me a greater appreciation for health, fitness and comradeship.

Having always been competitively active since my teens, I took up Muay Thai and dabbled in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu during University. I soon learned that many fighters were doing CrossFit as part as their strength and conditioning training.

I remember thinking that I just had to try this style of high intensity exercise – which led me straight to PushMore and I have not looked back since! Where else do you get to drop a loaded barbell without someone giving you dirty looks or booting you out the door?

PushMore’s coaching staff and members have been a great inspiration to me, and thus leading me to opening a box – District 13. The hope is that we continue to build this incredible CrossFit community together in the Klang Valley.