404 Rates — PushMore Fitness & Performance


RM 40 per entry

10 Passes: RM350
1 month: RM295
6 months: RM 1,710
12 months: RM 3,300
Foundation Series: RM 450*

* At PushMore, we insist on good form and technique. All new members are required to attend the Foundation series.

The Foundation Series consists of 3 one-to-one sessions that provide you with a solid understanding of the core movements and concepts of PushMore’s training program. Because we want you to achieve maximum results in a safe and effective way, you are guaranteed to receive personalized guidance and have the opportunity to tap directly into the knowledge of our experienced coaches.

Please contact us for more information.

  • All packages are one-off payments made by cash/cheque/credit card.
  • All membership rates are correct as of 1st December 2019.
  • Please contact us for group and corporate rates.